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Olga Nikishina

Art class for children (5-14 years old)

Art class for children (5-14 years old)

For children (5-14 years old) | 2 hours

Available days and times

📆 Monday
⏰ 9-11am | 12-2pm

📆 Tuesday
⏰ 9-11am | 12-2pm

📆 Wednesday
⏰ 9-11am | 12-2pm | 3-5pm | 5-7pm

📆 Thursday
⏰ 9-11am | 12-2pm | 5-7pm

📆 Friday
⏰ 9-11am | 12-2pm | 3-5pm | 5-7pm

📆 Saturday
⏰ 9-11am | 11am-1pm | 1:30-3:30pm

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Join us for our ART Class for children (5-14 years old)

Here's what you can expect:
In art classes for children, an experienced teacher will guide them in gradually learning:
⏺ The basics of composition
How to construct objects and how to arrange them in a drawing. Which subject is the main one and which is the secondary one? How to convey character and mood.
⏺ The basics of color
Learn how to mix colors to create desired shades. Understand the difference between warm and cool colors.
⏺ There are various forms of creativity: collage-making, modeling, and painting of objects.

✅ Each artwork can be completed in 1-2 lessons, and your child can take home their masterpiece.
✅ The cost is $40.00.
✅ All the required materials are provided at no cost.

The class is appropriate for
✅ Children of all skill levels. Don't worry if your children are not a pro. Our professional teacher will help them choose a sample and guide them through the process.
Pencil, acrylic, watercolor, colored pencils, collage, gouache, plasticine, modeling.
What's in progress
✅ Developing keen observational and drawing skills for objects, landscapes, and animals.
✅ Mastery of three-dimensional spatial depiction skills.
✅ The freedom to select a medium for expressing a creative concept.
✅ Capacity for expansive and abstract thinking.
✅ Proficiency in discovering and crafting appropriate colors and shades, skillfully harmonizing their combinations.
✅ Artworks encompassing various techniques.
✅ Crafts.
✅ Collages.

📍 The studio is located at 1920 E Hallandale Beach Blvd, Hallandale Beach, FL 33009, Floor 9, office 900 (directly opposite the elevator).
🅿️ Free parking is available inside the building.

We're excited to welcome everyone to the lesson, so come on down, and let's have some art fun! ❤️


2 hours


English, Русский


NIKI Gallery & Art school

1920 E Hallandale Beach Blvd, STE 900, Hallandale Beach, FL, 33009 (Office 900 on the 9th floor, directly opposite the elevator)

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Olga Nikishina

Teacher Olga Nikishina

Moscow State Stroganov Academy of Design and Applied Arts (Stroganov Academy).

Contest Winner - International Pyrenees Watercolor Contest & Exhibition (France 2021).
Global contest winners - Global Art Connection Watercolor Exposition (France & Poland 2022).
Award of Excellence - Exhibition Spring 2023 Miami Watercolor Society.
First place - Exhibition Fall 2023 Miami Watercolor Society.
Merit Award - Exhibition Spring 2024 Miami Watercolor Society.

✅ International Watercolor Society IWS Globe.
✅ Creative Union of Artists of Russia.
✅ American Watercolor Society.
✅ Miami Watercolor Society (MWS).

Singapore, Slovenia, Russia, Vietnam, France, Albania, India, Nepal, Turkey, Poland, Serbia, USA, Mexico.

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