Коллекция: Chess

Enroll your child in a Chess training group designed for children (4-6 years old and 7-16 years old)!

✅ Lessons are taught in a playful format to maintain interest, contributing to achieving the best results.
✅ Each group can have a maximum of six students.

What's in progress
✅ Teaching how to checkmate by using a combination of different chess figures.
✅ Learn the fundamental principles of effective training, discover endgame secrets, current chess traps, and tactics skills.
✅ Help enhance logical thinking abilities, attention span, and perseverance.
✅ Getting ready to participate in chess tournaments.

Mary Bortnyk

Teacher Mary Bortnyk

Педагогическое образование.

✅ Мастер спорта по шахматам.
✅ Топ-10 в США.
✅ Участник и победитель более 50 международных чемпионатов.
✅ 10 лет тренерского опыта.
✅ Студенты - победители соревнований США (50 штатов Америки).