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Long-term Drawing courses for adults and children

3D Drawing Course
⏺ Would you like to learn accurate and realistic drawing techniques?
⏺ Do you want to gain an understanding of linear and aerial perspectives?
⏺ Are you interested in quickly grasping an object's proportions and how it interacts with other objects in the composition?
If so, then this course is perfect for you!

Let's start with simple geometric shapes and then move on to draperies before tackling groups of complex shapes and objects.

❗️Our drawings will only depict real-life objects, not photographs.

The course is divided into three stages

✅ Beginner (10 lessons)
✅ Master (10 lessons)
✅ Pro (10 lessons)

Olga Nikishina

Teacher Olga Nikishina

Moscow State Stroganov Academy of Design and Applied Arts (Stroganov Academy).

Contest Winner - International Pyrenees Watercolor Contest & Exhibition (France 2021).
Global contest winners - Global Art Connection Watercolor Exposition (France & Poland 2022).
Award of Excellence - Exhibition Spring 2023 Miami Watercolor Society.
First place - Exhibition Fall 2023 Miami Watercolor Society.
Merit Award - Exhibition Spring 2024 Miami Watercolor Society.

✅ International Watercolor Society IWS Globe.
✅ Creative Union of Artists of Russia.
✅ American Watercolor Society.
✅ Miami Watercolor Society (MWS).

Singapore, Slovenia, Russia, Vietnam, France, Albania, India, Nepal, Turkey, Poland, Serbia, USA, Mexico.

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